Welcome to my site!

I'm a big fan of internet radio and I've always wanted to create a space where I could showcase the various internet radio shows, DJS and stations that I listen to regularly.

Also, I was looking for a place where my different friends from facebook, myspace, yahoo, gchat etc.. could gather, listen to music, watch a flick, a video or just hang out. I wanted a place where you didn't have to join a new social networking group just to be able to access it.

My site features a Radio/TV player that features 10 preset radio stations and TV programs that you won't find on your local cable TV or fm radio dial.

So come, relax and chill for awhile. Don't forget to say hello on the chat box.

And hey, if you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve the site please send me an email by clicking on the "contact us" button on the top menu bar!

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